I’ve been writing these long screeds then changing my mind, stopping and starting and just generally mucking up my state of exquisite zen rage by second-guessing myself and revising.
Revising is just plain evil.
So here, in no particular order, are the hard black slippery cores of the three pieces I’m probably not going to end up writing.
To the Bush Administration (and ever single last one of you Yank bastards who voted for them) :
Go f–k yourselves.
To Korean men, one in five of whom (according to the Korean Institute of Criminology) purchase sex four times a month (thus making it a US$21 billion dollar industry, worth 4.1% of GDP) :
Go f–k yourselves.
To the whorebloggers intent on monetarizing this virtual place of ours (and thus turning it into a sea of sh-t) :
Go f–k yourselves.
There. That feels better.

non compos mentis

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  1. If I could manage to be in all 3 categories, I’d get fucked thrice! Unfortunately, I voted for Micheal Badnarik…

  2. oh come on now stavvy, you should know by now that americans don’t care what you foreigners think.

  3. True Pukester, however it is so satisfying to us Canadians to every once in awhile turn around,face south and tell some of y’all to futue te ipsum!

  4. wonderchicken fury: the cliff notes version. excellent.
    although i’m not sure the korean men buying sex are really as bad as the other two. prostitution is not the worst thing ever, although i realize that -like internet whoring- it takes all the fun out of what should be free.

  5. Ooh, I agree. Issue #2 is merely venial and sort of sad.
    #1 and #3 are good times to get the pitchforks out.

  6. Pukster: silence is tacet agreement.

  7. Pukester: silence is tacet agreement.

  8. In a country where women are systematically deprived of their rights and casually barred from any dream of equal status before the law, where they are regarded primarily as baby machines (and called in conversation, once they do pop out a puppy, as “so-and-so’s mother”) where they are summarily fired from jobs when they get married, where they have little to no options whatsoever for employment if they are over the age of 28, where even if they do manage to find some kind of menial food-preparation labour they are paid a tiny percentage of what a man would make (were a man to lower himself to doing women’s work), where prostitution is one of the few options remaining to a woman if she needs to support herself and her children (in a situation, say, where she decides to leave her whore-fucking soju-monster husband, despite the odds being stacked against her), where it is repeated ad nauseum that ‘traditional, conservative values’ are so important, but those values seem to include the sexual exploitation of women who have no choice but to sell their wet orifices for a fucking buck or two, you goddamn well bet that my #2 ‘go fuck yourself’ is of equal heft with numbers 1 and 3.
    I’m cranky and hungover this morning. Can you tell?

  9. Not so cranky that I hope you don’t mind a big hug and kiss from me for you last comment, Stav.
    Damn straight, and well said.

  10. Well, you had me there until you mentioned my beloved Soju in a negative manner 😉
    Actually, #3 is in some ways worse than the other two, as it seems sometimes that the Intarweb is the very last bastion of freedom of expression and every person and his/her dog seems intent on dragging it into the corporate world.

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