f–k the ‘A-list’. f–k ’em in the eyeball with Adolph Hitler’s wasabi-dipped dick.
Thank you ladies and gentlemen, and good night.
(Edit : I kid because I love. No, really.)

non compos mentis

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  1. Would the best Canadian bloggers be the “Eh? List” or the “List, Eh?” or what? (Or is this dumb joke so obvious that it’s a thousand years old to everyone but me?)
    Anyway, why the burst of anti-A-listers? Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but why now? Or was it an outburst against the concept of an A-list and not the bloggers who happen to be on it? And why do I care?

  2. It’s wonderful, really fucking deep-stinky-soul wonderful, that at the very moment that I was over at your place commenting, Eeksy-peeky, you were here at mine.
    I wasn’t aware that there was an A-list backlash groundswell at the moment, but if there is indeed, I say : Let’s jump all over the complacent self-serving bastards and tickle them until they surrender!
    Viva La Revolution! No Pasaran!

  3. What for all the A-list hatred, my avian friend?

  4. I think it’s healthy to just say “Fuck the A-List” every now and then. Especially if you are an A-Lister.

  5. And fuck the A-Team, too.

  6. Now every time you meet an A-Lister whilst strolling down local streets, you can whisper to them sweatily: “Somewhere in Korea, there’s a chicken that wants to fuck you with nazi wasabi.”
    Thus ensuring your place at the A-Listers’ side when they finally defeat the alien invaders from Ishcandar, making the world a brighter and better place, where we can raise children that look like grotesquely misshapen dwarves with potatoes for heads.
    Sorry. Star Blazers flashback.
    Really though, what brought on the fist shaking?

  7. Eh? What the fuck’s the A-list? You taking drugs again Kovacs? Or what?

  8. did an A-lister somehow chafe your scrote? It’s ok. I’ll sing soothing songs to calm your ruffled feathers.

  9. {notes to self that incoherent abuse of nebulously-defined and perhaps non-existent cadres of Quite Nice People Really When You Get To Know Them results in lots of amusing comments and Fun For All}
    {hatches Schemes}

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