Thanks to the eternally irate Mr Golby for this little nugget.
Yes! Bless us, lord! Let’s pray for our troops, pray for our politicians, pray that the bleeding hemorrhoids that have been plaguing us will disappear, let’s pray that those pesky raghead pagan f–ks die in their thousands, let’s pray that more war will stop war, let’s pray that killing will put a cap on killing, let’s pray that the sweet light crude manna will continue to pump through the fiscal veins of our great nation, let’s pray that our god has a bigger dick than theirs, let’s pray that the dazed halfwit apathetic scum that allowed us to take over the most powerful country in the world won’t wake up and cut our throats like the vermin we are, let’s pray goddamnit, let’s pray the great game will continue, let’s pray that jesus doesn’t f–king come back and rip us from crotch to sternum like trout, let’s pray, let’s pray, let’s get down on our knees and pray to something bigger, let’s pray, let’s pray our children don’t have to do the same evil things we did, it’s not our fault, god, please, it’s not our fault, we’re not bad people, we just did what we had to do, what we were told to do….


[Audio : Dead Kennedys – Kinky Sex Makes The World Go ‘Round]

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  1. American Idol, CNN, Dr. Phil, and any so-called reality series highlight idiots and their various games. Specifically idiots in the US. The problem with broadcasting this drivel worldwide is the opinions that are formed and the influence it has on the international community. Believe it or not, the people I meet in the US are not anything like the TV dramas that are absorbed by the average tube addict. Nor do they embrace religion in the political mix like our fearless leader, Mr Bush. I don’t like the idea of war, but propaganda works in many directions… I can read Al Jazeera and come to scary conclusions about what actually goes on in Iraq.
    Yesterdays “SLATE” posting titled, “Recruitment” is a more in depth description of the way I see it. Hey, I’m not a writer, just some guy with an opinion. And please, WonderChicken, turn down the sensitivity on your PATENTED SCROTUM SHOCKER, it sometimes confuses my cynicism with humor.

  2. The “dazed, halfwit, apathetic scum” you mention are none too pleased with that title. Do I sense some anger in your tone? Tell us how you REALLY feel about Americans!
    The French, protesting war in the name of peace, right? It seems they are more concerned about losing money off the oil deals they have negotiated with Iraq. You don’t hear much about that fact in the liberal press!

  3. “dazed, halfwit, apathetic scum” is actually fairly kind. Considering that the American people have sat by, watching their president commit his country to a course of action that is morally bankrupt, that their congress basically gave him a carte blanche to do whatever he likes with regards to Iraq… I would say apathetic is quite true, and halfwit…well. My hope (because I don’t pray and will never pray) is that the Americans wake up soon, and realise what their government is doing, and exercise their democratic rights. Rule of the people, no? Not rule of a small fraction of anachronisms from the 1950s, a tin-plate dictator with delusions of grandeur and most likely psychological problems, et cetera.

  4. Well, I did kinda get on a beer-fueled roll there. I don’t think all americans are dazed, apathetic, halfwit scum, honest. Just the Republicans.

  5. Err (reconstructing my train of thought last night), I was also assuming the character of a Bushite, and speaking in their voice, kinda like.
    That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

  6. Thanks for reminding me of that song, Stavros. Ah, that one is great (love the Bleed for Me instrumental in the background).
    Did you see the popup ad for a presidential prayer mug? W00t!

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