A new record! On the sub-1-kilometre (that’s under a half mile for any Amuricans that happen by) walk from my apartment beehive to the subway station this foggy, smoky morning there were :

  • 7 puddles of fresh vomit (all amusingly identical in colour – the reddish orange aspect created by shreds of kimchi)
  • 4 automobile-sized piles of reeking garbage (one lent a special frisson by the fist-sized wads of diarrhea-soaked toilet paper strewn around it)
  • 13 men horking and spitting up oysters, accompanied of course by the innumerable usual already-deposited mucoidal constellations on the pavements
  • 4 guys doing ‘farmer blows’ (mind you, a little overlap with the horkers above) and spraying snot onto the ground.
    All in all, a refreshing early morning stroll. I live in hell.