After having lived in Broadband Sibera (the land down under, where techies moan and telcos blunder), and paid extortionate prices for competely inadequate service, Korea has been a pure joy in terms of bit aquisition. Reading this, I was reminded that even porn-thirsty America is way behind the curve : US$95 for 3.5 Mbps? I get that now, for about US$20, with no download cap.
Shortly, though, I’m moving to the recently-introduced VDSL service. It comes in 10, 20, 50 Mbps speeds (and higher, I think), and the 50 Mbps pipe will cost me around $US30 a month, unmetered.
Of course, Korea’s way out ahead in terms of wireless broadband, too. There are some compensations for the hassles of living here, if you’re a geek. Sorry to gloat, but wheeee!
[in a brainfart almost completely unrelated I recall my Grizzly-Adams-esque mountain-man friend and roommate (with whom I have since lost touch, sadly), back when I lived in Whistler BC for a few years, insisting that almost anything was forgiveable while skiing (or doing anything else for that matter) except saying ‘wheeeee!’. Sorry, Brock.)


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  1. I live in Northeastern China, which is lacking in many amenities, but goddamn if DSL isn’t cheaper and faster than it is in the States.
    (To say nothing of cellphones here.)

  2. I wouldn’t be much surprised if the Koreans hadn’t had a hand in helping to build that network for the Chinese, Brendan. They are pros at this stuff now.

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