So I’m having one of those days. Must be the onset of the Hot and Wet season. Man I hate that.
A Few Random Things I Miss About Australia (or Canada, I guess), Because I Chose To Come Back To Korea For More Punishment

  • beer other than fizzy, metallic lager
  • cheese and deli meats of any description
  • driving
  • magazines
  • books made of paper
  • libraries
  • bookstores
  • bars and pubs
  • good bread
  • turkey
  • international food – Thai, Turkish, Mexican, you name it, other than Korean and nasty yankee junkfood badly imitated or franchised
  • having an oven
  • promotions and professional recognition
  • clean air and water
  • TV and movies (that I don’t have to download illicitly)
  • off-the-rack clothing and shoes that fit
  • random jocular interactions with people at shops
  • being invisible
  • cocktails
  • friends
  • beaches
  • ‘taking the piss’ and ‘going out on the piss’
  • Nicorette Inhalers
  • drug stores
  • nice apartments
  • community other than virtual
  • Edit: jesus christ on a popsicle stick, I forgot limes. I miss limes like you would not freakin’ believe.

AusThings I Don’t Miss So Much

  • exorbitant health insurance
  • telemarketers
  • rent and utility bills and ratbastard real estate agencies
  • pauperizing income tax rates
  • metred broadband
  • Australian banks
  • the utter lack of internet shopping

Could be worse. I could be a dog in outer space. [/obscure injoke]


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  1. Um, so what are the books made of?
    And I guess good red wine would be a rarity in Korea, yes?

  2. All my books are ebooks. I read them on my laptop in bed. I am going blind.
    Not a wine drinker me, but you can actually get wine, at the Carrefour, which inexplicably (it’s a French chain) has become one of the biggest bigbox stores here. There’s one about an hour away by bus. We go infrequently. No car.
    Thus the ‘missing driving’ bit.

  3. Not sure you’d miss the new ‘voice-mail spam’ showing up on our answering machines, either. Phone doesn’t even ring.. damned if I can figure that one out.

  4. I always missed the smell of a freshly mowed lawn.

  5. You can’t get limes there? At all?
    I hope you get a chance to at a minimum visit Australia or home.

  6. Weep for me, internets! Weep!

  7. We don’t have telemarketers anymore, by the way. “Do not call” list – damn thing actually works.

  8. I think I know what taking the piss is, but not quite sure about ‘going out on the piss.’ Please educate.

  9. So a lime and a cool refreshing beer walk into a bar and the bartender looks at the lime and says’ “Hey wonderchicken, did you break your typing finger, or what?”
    Just hard up for good reading, cuz- we’re still WELL ahead of the 12 year schedule.

  10. The heat and wet have unpacked their bags here in Japan as well, and show no sign of leaving any time soon. Turkey, mexican food, and being invisible are all big ones. But what I always miss most are the whole classes of people who will never come to this part of the world. Regular folks. Working guys and mouthy waitresses. And, uh, mexican food.

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