This thread on Metafilter is about boshintang, and links back thanks to y2karl to my post a month or so ago about it. This Herald Tribune article is a relatively reasonable take on the subject. An amusing quote : “…many Koreans are answering [with] a defiant phooey.” I cringe to think about some of the verbiage that is going to be flung around as this “Koreans=Dog Eating Barbarians” meme starts to propagate. Again.
sh-t, I used the word ‘meme’. Ten minutes in the penalty box.
Dec 15 update : The Anti Dog Meat Movement headquarters. “Japanese eat whale meat and Korean eat dog meat. Two countries are co-hosts of 2002 FIFA World Cup. They said that this worldcup will become a ‘green Worldcup’. Is this the truth? What is our next step?” My suggestion for your next step, kids : shut the f–k up. Warning : some nasty imagery ahead, if you follow that link.