An informative article from the New York Times (free registration required?) about the resort at Mount Kumgang, which opened in North Korea not long ago, amid much fanfare, for South Korean tourism. One thing the article doesn’t mention is that as such a highly visible manifestation of Kim Dae Jung’s ‘sunshine policy’, the fact that it’s recently been losing money and popularity as the novelty wears off hasn’t much helped the chances of more such projects being undertaken. (thanks Lia!)


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  1. Is Kumgang open to westerners?
    Is this new road open to cyclists?
    I want to bike from Seoul to Kumgang!
    The distance looks perfect for a day’s trip.

  2. Dear Ms/Mr,
    how can I have contact with this Company directly what make this “healthy stones”, alias KUMGANG?! I would like to ask the address and phone number of Company. Thanks for your help.
    Andrea Katona

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