When I got home from the university this afternoon, I could barely walk. The chronic pain that I’ve been experiencing in my feet (achilles tendonitis, for about 10 years, on and off, and I suspect a touch of arthritis, which runs in the family) flared up today, and I was hobbling, grimacing, cursing under my breath, and figuratively shaking a fist at the sky and hurling imprecations at any deity that might be looking at the moment.
I hadn’t been to the acupuncturist in about 5 days – my longest stretch in a month.
I just wanted to sit on the sofa and watch the National Geographic channel, but my ladylove cajoled me out the door, and off I staggered, my copy of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in hand.
It’s about two hours later now, and I feel so much better, it is astonishing. Night and day. I mean, it still hurts, but it’s gone from a 5-alarm fire to a hibachi. Night and freaking day.
This sh-t really works.