Never heard of this one before, and it may be apocryphal : in China, one of the many interesting culinary treats about which I’ve never before heard (we all know about the monkey brains and birds’ nest soup, of course) is Bat Poop Soup.
I’m sure that the actual Chinese name for it is less amusingly euphonious, but there you go. The really interesting part for me is that the bat poop itself is not the thing that is considered to be the Good Bit. The Good Bit is the fact that apparently a certain species of bat is known to eat an enormous number of mosquitos, and the resultant excreta of said bat species contains a large quantity of…mosquito eyeballs!
Typing this out, I’m realizing how stupid it sounds, but the student of mine who told me about it swears on his momma’s longlost hymen that it’s true.
Well, not really, but ya know what I mean.