The excellent Y0ung-Hae Chang Heavy Industries has come up with a new and very disturbing piece
which describes in horrible detail the death of Seoul under a storm of North Korean missiles. If it comes to that, I wonder if my wife and I will live through it, and if we will want to. Terrifying and unflinching.
Still, not to be missed.

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  1. Well that was cheery.
    Aaaack! Is 9:30 in the morning too early for a drink?!

  2. It had nice piano music playing in the background.

  3. Hmmm. The picture is interesting, but perhaps a little sensationalistic. It’s doubtful that even Bush would be quite so stupid as to risk an all-out war with a desperate North Korea by striking at their nuclear facilities, considering the likely devastation that would occur in the Korean peninsula. Or at least, one can hope so.

  4. i hope bush has the presence of mind to allow our troops to move a little south before he does something.

  5. According to the Korea Times, it has more or less already been agreed in talks this week that US troops along the DMZ will soon be moved back from the border, and Yongsan garrison in cnetral Seoul will be moved to Osan.
    A little brinkmanship of their own, the Bushies…

  6. Ouch! So many capital letters!
    It all seemed a bit much until the part about the Han River winding through Seoul, which gave me a mental picture of the city in flames viewed from the freeway running along the river and I no longer noticed the sensational stylings so much. Even allowing for sensationalism, you guys are living in a scary place at the moment and I hope you stay well.

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