SBS television, one of the big three networks, has it’s new slogan, revolving around at the start of the news in that unintentionally-retro-environment-mapped-metallic-3D-letters-from-the-80’s-kinda-way : “Humanism through Digital”.
This annoys the crap out of me. Even ignoring for a moment that digital is an adjective, for chrissakes, what the hell is that supposed to mean? How is it possible, I keep wondering, for companies that employ thousands upon thousands of employees, that are ostensibly sophisticated and modern, that presumably can employ people to check the surprisingly large amount of English in use, how it is possible for them to allow such egregiously (my Wonderchicken Word of the Week™) mangled Konglish to escape into the wild?
I know the answer of course. Old Korean men. f–k, how I hate them with a white-hot eye-popping passion. Take their blithe conviction that the world revolves around them, sprinkle with the assumption that the sun shines out of their asses, and slather the whole lot in Confucian Gravy, and it’s a Nasty Casserole.
As an aside, it’s always annoying to me when I find myself living a cliche. Today’s cliche : the young rebel looks in the mirror one day to find that he’s become part of the machine he despised. He’s now The Man that the new young rebels loathe.


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  1. Iheard that you brodcasted a program on ZEUGMA recently. Is it possible to get or buy the video tape of this program?

  2. Hi
    Is it possible to buy a copy of Global Village from 2nd July 2002?

  3. hi anyone … i like to watch again sbs tv drama. so how to coming in sbs member ? how to do? my current location is south korea ( seoul )

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    Dear Management,
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