Though I’ve not seen much about it in the English language newspapers, the TV news and current affairs programs are wringing their collective hands these days about the growing proliferation of high-school girls selling their asses (and other bits as well, one assumes) to predatory middle-aged scumbags. This sort of thing has been happening for a long time in Japan, but it’s new here. Apparently most of the connections are made in net chat rooms, and the girls are frequently the ones to make overtures. It seems that these girls are, almost without fail, perfectly average upper-middle class teenagers who Want More Stuff. The news items I’ve seen indicate that most of the girls who’ve been caught at it confess that they just wanted extra money for clothes, and whoring themselves to a few drooling middle-aged salarymen was the easiest way to get it. I understand the impulse. I’ve whored myself out to businessmen, too – heck, I was so good at it in Sydney that I doubled my salary in 18 months – but I draw the line at letting them drool all over me.
But seriously, folks. I’m here until Thursday. You’ve been a great crowd! It’s been a long time since I lived in North America, but I’m pretty sure this doesn’t happen a lot there. Or am I completely out of touch?
What’s her perfume? Tigress by Faberge