The forces of Konglish are strong, and they’re winning. It’s inexplicable to me how this could happen, even though it happens every day. The entire last page of today’s Korea Herald has a huge, colour advertisement from KT, Korea Telecom, one of the largest companies in the country. This is the ad copy, in its entirety :

A new light of hope goes in search of you.
Meet the glaring future lead by KT.
It’s KT! It’s future!

I have no problem with people mangling the language, making mistakes. That’s fine. Everyone who learns a new language does it. But how in the name of the dangling purple testicles of Lucifer does a full page ad in a nationally distributed newspaper (edit : it’s an English language paper ) with language like this get published? Does no one check these things? Ever?
Picture me jumping up and down, raving…


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  1. well, ask yourself…
    “How do half of the lyric in any Kpop Rap or Hip Hop song, get onto paper and into a recording studio?”

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