This is just sad, and a little stupid. It seems that a group of Korean ‘anti-japanese’ h4x0rs (hardly, but I just love typing ‘h4x0rs’) attacked the websites for the US TV network WB and French state television, with only minor disruptions to their services. The attacks were supposedly in response to slanted and inaccurate reporting about the dogmeat issue, and the Korea Times reports it is “conceived by many to be a ‘gallant action’ which defended the nation’s traditional culture from biased views.”
In defense of these net.boneheads, it sounds as if the French broadcast was purest racist drivel, with reporters apparently dressed in Chinese clothes and holding up menus in Japanese, and describing, with no relation to reality, Korean students bringing dogmeat for their lunches (according to a Korea Herald print edition article which does not seem to be on their website).
But this kind of childish retaliation for perceived slights against the nation will do nothing at all to raise the reputation of Korea in the eyes of the world. It’s more likely, particularly given the ineffectiveness of the ‘attacks’, to increase the chance of Korea becoming a laughing stock. More’s the pity.
Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of soup…