Went for a wee walkabout with an automotively-blessed buddy on the weekend, and took a few pictures. Here are my favorites from a pretty average bunch. Line on the left, one cross each.


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  1. [this is good]
    More! More photos!

  2. Every time I come by here I am again impressed with the wonderful graphic sense that this page has, and the joy of its layout and look.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, gentlemen.

  4. Very nice! That is the Korean that I have never had the chance to see on my couple of visits – too busy making with the business in the big smoke 🙁

  5. Nice photos

    The Wonderchicken went for a walk recently, and took some really fantastic photos while he was at it.

  6. I like the pictures particularly the terraced rice farms.

  7. Beautiful

  8. Actually, all that green stuff is garlic, Blinger! Much of the manul grown in Korea comes from this area down in the south of the country (all those of course the bulk of what’s eaten comes from China). This time of year, every horizontal surface is thick with garlic stalks. They probably reuse the paddies once the rains come in the summer for rice….

  9. Is picture number three a phallus-worship site for randy ajumas?
    Fertily-cult lingers in modern Korea — to bad for the Myanmar tigers.

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