I’m aware that the past week has been the longest unannounced hiatus I’ve taken from posting since this site started. Apologies to those who are left feeling out of sorts and mildly irregular in the absence of regular doses of wonderchicken. Life is happening, which is often a good thing.
Off to the DMZ this morning. My plan to moon the North Koreans on the other side of the Joint Security Area would have my companions a bit worried, if they were aware of it. I will maintain a tight security cordon.
Let’s hope the Bouffant-boy Brigades don’t pick today to march southwards for glory, conquest, and decent food (not to mention loose shoes and a warm toilet seat).

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  1. You are a brave man, indeed. Don’t forget to post photos.

  2. Of his butt? Or the DMZ?

  3. Both, of course. In the same photo. We need both to prove that he actually did it. Or that he can use PhotoShop. Or something.

  4. And proof that he’s a contortionist… what would be the best position from which to take a picture of your own butt with barbed wire in the background? Head between knees?

  5. qB, good a position as any with which to kiss his own ass good-bye if he screws around in the DMZ.

  6. Bare a cheek for me!

  7. Woo, I want photos too. Although depending where you are, I suppose taking photos of the DMZ might be even less safe than mooning there.

  8. I recommend magic markering a likeness of the Dear Leader on one buttcheek. And the DPRK flag on the other. Then give ’em some hearty slaps, and set ’em ajigglin’.

  9. Delighted to find you. Do take a pic, if at all possible. I fear that I’m not quite that flexible. 😉

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