I’ve just found out that the supercheap hosting at Dreamhost deal I was pimping a while back is still going on. Cool.
Basically, it goes like this. There’s a 777 promotion code that allows new customers to sign up for DreamHost’s cheapest plan, which normally costs $9.95/mo, at $0.77/mo for the first year. All you need to do is enter 777 into the promotion code box on step 5 (after you enter your personal information but before you enter your credit card number). After the first year, if you re-up, you will pay the normal price of $9.95/mo paid one year at a time for the same plan.
I’ve been using it since February, and it’s been great. If you need hosting, give it a go. This is what you get for $10 for the year:

  • 120 GB/mo bandwidth,
  • 2.4 GB disk space,
  • One free domain registration (.com, .net, .org, or .info),
  • Hosting for up to 3 domains.
  • MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python, SSH login, mail, webmail, mailing lists, and access to raw Apache logs.

Your total outlay for domain and hosting is ten bucks. Not too shabby.
All I ask is that if you do sign up and use the promo code, and you want to give me a hand with my own hosting costs, you use my ID stavrosthewonderchicken as your referrer, or just click through this link (a cookie will be written, I assume).
Full disclosure: I’ve read in some places that there are a few folks who have been unhappy with Dreamhost. All I can say is that it’s been perfect, powerful, and hassle-free for me so far, and none of the people I’ve referred have complained to me about anything. Also, since I first signed up, I’ve directly referred 41 people, and secondarily referred 14, and have made $100.73 from those referrals, which is almost enough to pay for my next year’s hosting at full price. Not riches, certainly, but a significant chunk of change, for me.


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  1. You know what’s really nifty — when I pass this on to other people, I know that you get a little bit of cash. It’s like micropayments, but without the payments.

  2. gurg, then my post being critical of Dreamhost’s PHP policies is probably not going to be good timing right now.
    Still, will point folks to you, for those folks who still want to sign on–and there will be folks, it is a very unexpensive host.

  3. Care to elaborate on what you mean by that, Shelley, or link to the post in question? I’ve had no problem using PHP (albeit in a limited way) on Dreamhost….

  4. Haven’t written it yet — sidetracked. Soon, soon.
    But search on Dreamhost and fopen, as well as Dreamhost and running PHP as CGI. Should return several links to discussions.

  5. Hmph. I’m only a fake techie, but I do know that running PHP as CGI is just the default, and can be disabled with a single click. Here’s a screenshot.
    On the other hand, I don’t know fopen from a yoghurt smoothie, I admit.

  6. From what I understand it is now the default for new clients. Nice to know, though, that this can be changed. People should change it, too — PHP as CGI is a pig.
    What the fopen change means is that functionality associated with WordPress, Gallery, and other PHP applications no longer works quite as it would be expected. Or works at all.
    I have to look at Wordform to see how it would be impacted. It shouldn’t be, but it’s extra work.
    Still, it is a good value — just people need to be aware that sometimes you have to trade something to get something else.

  7. I think it would probably interest you to know that you, sir, are a Googlewhack.
    You may already know this term. If not, ask away, you should be interested.

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