This post (damn I’m breaking my rules all over the place lately) is aimed at some friends who know what the heck I’m talking about. If you’re not sure, I beg you to please ignore my more-than-customary level of incomprehensibility.
You crazy EFT kids! I saw a referrer today in the magical instant referrer-thingo toy over there on the left that was a Google-search for “I want to f–k stavrosthewonderchicken”. I thought that was odd, but promptly forgot about it when the pizza arrived. Just now, though, I saw a Google search referrer string for efts+want+you+back+stavrosthewonderchicken and this not only warms my crusty old wonderchicken heart, but it would seem to be a completely new use of Google to send private messages, the recent-referrers doodad being the enabling technology! Congrats, whichever EFT-friends are sending me messages via Google. You be genii! That’s a totally new geekmeme (I wonder if it will spread?) you have unleashed, and at the same time you put a smile on my jaundiced face for the same low low price!
Update : Shelley has picked up the idea and given it a name (Google Instant Messaging – snazzy!), and I see a couple new messages in the instant referrer list from her and the mightay Bearman. This is fun.
Update the second (Jan 30) : This recent referrer search string – How about a nice cup of shut the f–k up – may or may not be an explicit message to me, but I seem to be ranked number 2 on AllTheWeb for that phrase, depending on your engine-settings, and that makes me very proud.
Update the next (Jan 31) : This idea is taking off, at least judging by all the hits I’m getting today. Go Go Google Instant Messaging! Also, Dan had an interesting idea for an extension, which I’m not sure I completely understand, but sounds funky anyway.

Totally unrelated post-script so that this becomes a post about Korea and thus I am not breaking my ‘rules’ : I saw a large ‘cherry-picker’, I think they’re called, today on the street. You know, those big-ass trucks with the extendable arm, at the end of which is a little pulpit for someone to stand in while rescuing a kitty or something. It made me laugh out loud – emblazoned proudly on the side was the name : it was a Hyundai PutzMeister.
I may be way off, but I think that means something quite rude in Yiddish.