As part of the exodus (movement of jah people) of the Burningbird flock, the ‘bottle might be in for a hiccup or two as DNS changes propagate and the hamsters switch wheels and so on. If a comment or trackback goes missing, please forgive, and repost.
Thanks, as always, to my kind and generous host and friend, the ferociously, gloriously and undeniably female Shelley Powers.
Update : I think I’ve smoothed over most of the slight post-move wonkinesses, but if something looks broken, please let me know. Thankee.


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  1. You’re back in business Chris.

  2. Thank (your deity of choice) for that! I thought I had fallen into a time-warp when I visited your site this morning and found entries from 2002.
    *gratefully gives up giving up the demon drink*

  3. Wonderchicken ……
    I am humbled by your insightful
    observations …
    I had friends leave Bali the week before the bomb …
    I have had 4 immediate family deaths in less than 3 years.
    I had my twin-like uncle pass away last month and not a human
    available would understand this event … except you. I have been in deep solitude for a month … still having to function. I am so tired.
    Drop me a line please, about your work in Korea. I was in Uzbekistan last year for a month and I believe I can not live in America anymore. I have traveled Europe many times and now the Orient. I was there when Afghanistan was hot in October of 2002 and Iraq was not a topic.
    I am looking at Belize or Korea.
    I have a College degree, University degree, and Clear Professional Teaching credential all from California. I have taught alllevels K-12 for 14 years; I was a studio musician for 17 years in Los Angeles ….
    I need a friend. Talk to me.
    I don’t care how short or simple.
    “DRIFTIN’ on a sea of forgotten promises …”, said Jimi.
    What am I? I’m a fuckin’ three-time loser with a glorious past and no future … I’m sinfully in despair, hopeless, bordering on careless … but I still give a shit.
    The problem is, “In a New York minute, everything can change.”
    Talk to me of wisdom and love Wonderchicken. I know there is no road map, but keep me awake.

  4. Tomorrow, Craig, I will. Right now, I need to sleep.

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