Thanks for the help with the redesign candidate a few days ago, friends, but true to contrarian form (well predicted by Fishrush), I think I like this brand spanking new idea I’ve been fiddling with even better. Even though it looks best on IE (transparency is a wanky but purty) and at resolutions higher than 800×600, it still looks reasonable on the latest Mozilla and doesn’t totally derange Opera, at least.
That said, I may well change my mind again tomorrow, but it’s bedtime for now and my eyes hurt. Comments are welcome as always. But please keep in mind that this is an early prototypy thing, and I am aware that it imposes some limitations as a result of design decisions (like supporting 800×600). I’ll probably end up just implementing the skinning doodad I was working on a few months ago as monica suggested, so you’ll be able to choose your (persistent between sessions, with cookies) look and feel thanks to the Magic of PHP, this current design included.


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  1. I love it, though it doesn’t work here – Mac ie 5.22
    I can email you a screenshot if you want to see how it looks like from where I see it.

  2. purty. Moz 1.something on Win2K
    I too am thinking about the scrolling box doo-hickey, although from previous experience I know they can be tricky to get cross-browser.
    Then again, as I said to a buddy the other night who was complaining about something in my current layout, if you’re using a browser I don’t like, you can go to hell. 😉

  3. A screenshot would be great, Monica, thanks.
    I am not a mac-hater per se, but it seems every time I have a problem with a layout, it’s from a browser on a mac, and I’m starting to lean towards Elaine’s attitude…

  4. Call me conservative, but I like what you have now better.
    Withdrawing Molotov cocktail…

  5. A screen-shot of how the new one looks in Mac IE 5.1.x (the version for Mac OS 9) is at
    I don’t have the MIME-type set correctly, so you may need to download it and view, rather than being able to view in the browser.

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