I have promised, in roughly chronological order, to write about

(apologies to anyone I missed.)
I’m not sure how many of these, if any, I’ll get to, but I’ll try. I suck at digging out from under the results of my own laziness.


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  1. Hello!! I followed you from Lost – curious to hear about life in Korea and the appeal of there to an American as my father has been there just about Seoul for 6 yrs now and plans to retire from his gov’t job and live out his years there… Look forward to reading more and conversing w/you!!!

  2. When Truth Conceals

    So many good comments associated with Shadow Talk, in addition to writings in other weblogs such as Jonathon’s, Dorothea’s, Aquarionics, Elaine’s, and Chris’s. I only wish I could do justice to the debates because there’s a rich story unfolding among a…


    The May Harper’s contains an unsettling essay by Mark Slouka called “Arrow and Wound.” After an allusion to a visitor’s seeing the aged Tolstoy “scoop a double handful of violets from the wet earth, breathe in their aroma with a…

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