It’d be fun to get some statistics on Blogspot bloggers, or blogs in general, I suppose, to get a handle what the blogly zeitgeist is like. How many would characterize themselves as political, how many consider themselves part of a community, how many try to use the word ‘f–k’ on a daily basis, how many insist on writing posts without the use of capital letters…
And how many call themselves ‘pundit.’ A whole hell of a lot, would be the answer for that one, it seems.


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  1. I am no pundit, therefore I use the word ‘fuck’ on a daily basis. I don’t even try. Yay me! Sometimes it’s ‘shit,’ though, and sometimes ‘bastard,’ or ‘sonofabitch,’ well, you get the idea…

  2. So fucking what?

    Go read this post, Pundits-r-Us and the one after it.I’m told that one of the great things about blogging

  3. Anyone who needs to try to use the word “fuck” on a daily basis is obviously not living anywhere near enough to the edge.

  4. The Pundit thing makes me cringe. Don’t someone else have to give you that title?

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