Following the lead of Jonathon, Mark and Shelley, I’ve done a bit of egogoogling to check out my rankings, and am well pleased with the results.

‘stavros’ : #1, #2
‘wonderchicken’ : Pretty much all of ’em, basically.
And traipsing randomly through my categories and some other wonderchickensian (thanks, Eeksy) phrasology :
‘chafe my scrote’ : #1, #2
‘f–ktacular’ : #1, #2
‘trippy visuals’ : #3, #4 (some work to do, there)
‘booze glorious booze’ : #1, #2
‘korea-related’ : only #8, but that’s pretty good for a whole country….
‘ftagn’ : : Your #1 destination for misspelled-Lovecraftia !
and last but not least,
‘uncategorizable crap’ : #1 with a bullet, baby!

Despite my half-assed attempt to be somewhat anonymous here, a googlesearch on my surname brings up this site as #25. Interesting, but only mildly scary.


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  1. that’s weird. i just did a search on your name, and your site came up as #1.

  2. ahh, missed the part about *surname*.

  3. Holy crap, you’re right! I didn’t even think to try that. Ah well – if someone wants to track me down on the web, they’re not going to have much trouble doing it!

  4. Ah, but can you claim to be in the results for “fuck metafilter“? Dogmatic is #1, followed by me at #2 (although, as you can see, mine was not born of resentment.)

  5. I think anonymity is gone the way of the dodo bird for ya chickie baby.

  6. Speaking of mispellings

  7. Even when I was 10 yrs old, I wanted to kiss Miss Pelling…

  8. dude, we all knew you’re #1…

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