Tom at pulls together several things that I’ve ranted about in Apoplectic Poultry Mode here recently (and that people have been talking about all over the blogmap as isolated phenomena) : Dr Pepper’s marketron scum, Amazon auto-shilling by webloggers, Google’s aquisition of Blogger, and ethical weblogging.
An interesting and well thought-out read.


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  1. Just checking in for the first time since your sign-off last year.
    Last summer I drove by UBC on the way to Jericho beach for a sailboat race (on my way from Seattle I took a wrong turn somewhere) and I have to say that English Bay is a damn beautiful place. The people that held the regatta were down-right friendly as hell (even the RVYC snobs) and I hope that more of folks from the states get a chance to see how beautiful the northern half of this continent really is.
    My point is I always have a big time in BC and feel a kind of link having pissed on the same ground you did (probably).

  2. Hey Jim – yeah, that is a gorgeous stretch of land and sea, and many’s the time my friends and I sat there and drank and smoked and tried to figure out Life, The Universe and Everything. Our memorial for Rick was held out at UBC, looking out over the water, across to the mountains north of the city and along English Bay to Stanley Park and the downtown. I love that city.

  3. Is it really a surprise that Blogger was bought out after all the google bombings by prominent weblogs in the past six months to a year? One could argue it that it was done in self defense.
    But then again, I read conspiracy theories for fun and maybe my light reading is creeping in to my day-to-day thoughts.

  4. oh yeah, and I’m drunk

  5. w00t!
    I’m a bit hungover, myself.

  6. Just for the record, even if offered 300 million dollars, fishrush wouldn’t compromise its Code of Blogging Esthetics, errr, well maybe for three hundred million, BUT if offered $50,000, fishrush wouldn’t compromisssss… well on second $50,000 could be used to help a good cause like the local starving-orphans-against-blue-finned tuna charity, HOWEVER, LET IT BE KNOWN THAT even if offered as much as $12.47 fishrush would NOT cross that line! Don’t even try to go there!

  7. I, on the other hand, would flutter my eyelashes, grease up and bend over (metaphorically speaking) if, say, a beer marketing company even looked at me sideways!
    Integrity’s for wannabes, daddy-o!
    [This post brought to you by Dr McGillicuddy’s Peppermint Schnapps : Highschool in A Bottle!]

  8. evil evil weblogger

    It is raining. It is raining outside and I am inside enjoying a warm Starbucks™ Venti-sizedToffee Nut Latte®. I bought

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