Just had a thought, as I do occasionally, during those times when I briefly stop furiously doing whatever it is I’m doing furiously, when the planets align properly, and when my scrotum is sufficiently aerated to achieve that delicate balance of coolness and coziness that puts a man at the top of his form.
I wondered, briefly, as I did my dutiful weekly round of Important Blogs That People Respect (who shall go nameless and linkless, as I’m actually quite bashful at heart), how, with so many significant and highly important things to say about pretty much f–king everything, I’ve been passed over in so many High-Profile Blogrolls. Sure, I’ve gotten the nod from some fantastic folks, and even a few non-human species, but still that shimmering veil of Top Notchdom eludes me.
It’s scandalous! Downright insupportable!
Then, thought I to myself : “Perhaps it’s that these Pundits and Prophets, these Thinkers and Movers and Shakers and SuperBloggers, perhaps it comes down to the fact that they feel they’d look kinda dumb linking to the sage words of someone who calls himself stavrosthewonderchicken. Face it, champ,” I continued to myself, “there are people out there who simply do not share your whimsical and puckish but often incomprehensible sense of humour. There are folks who feel that someone who insists on referring to himself as a wonderchicken might be someone best left to his own devices. Perhaps it’s the dreaded Cone Of Silence, come to bite you in the ass again!”
Then again, thought I to myself a bit more, could it actually be your liberal use of the word ‘f–k’, and the fact that you insist on talking about things like the optimal aeration of your scrotum that puts Serious People off?

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  1. Well, you know how I feel about this stuff. I’ve said it before.
    But I do have you linked, and for some reason, blo.gs is picking you up as Waeguk Is Not a Soup. Very strange. Please investigate, Wonderchicken.

  2. *whooshes off to investigate*

  3. you know how I feel about this stuff.
    Didn’t you say that you’d kill to be linked by some ‘a-listers’?

  4. I may have said something about killing. Maybe you misunderstood.
    Which, obviously, could be very dangerous. Ever heard that expression? You know that, “Running around like…” What is it?

  5. *runs away*

  6. *sticks head back into the line of fire to thank the impeccable AKMA for the sweet sweet linkage, wonderchicken testes and all*

  7. I’m ignored by virtually all self-respecting ‘bloggers (those fucknaughts!)
    *shrugs* I wonder why.

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