This is a test to see how I can send an image as a trackback excerpt, as seen recently in a Metafilter thread (which I’m deliberately not pinging). I’m pinging a Burningbird entry, ’cause she might be interested, if it works.
That is all.
Update : poop. Didn’t work. How the heck was it done?


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  1. I escape angle brackets and HTML in my trackback to prevent sneaky little inserts like this. What if you had sent naked pictures of yourself or something?

  2. Why Not?

    This is a test of the emergency trackback system.

  3. Blogtree, via Jose Luis…

  4. Upon seeing your post, and the original post at MeFi, I went and did all my naive attempts to replicate results. To no avail, I may add.
    I checked their small CDATA tag, and all, but still, it seems you have to know XML.
    Anyway, it is Friday. Priorities have shifted toward the red.

  5. Interestingly, Camilo, I see your image on the MT system homepage for this blog when I login, but not here, although I have changed the template to show trackback excerpts….

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