This post never happened. You tell anyone about it, I’ll have to kill you.
(I have this thought at the moment that weblogs are a stupid f–king idea. That link propagation, which most folks seem to think as the primary function of a weblog, particularly when presented sans commentary, tends to be worthless circle-jerking.
It’s all about voice, about words, dammit, and in this I’m very much ready to snort whatever powder is blowing into drifts at the foot of rageboy and his kin. Simple linking to what someone else has said is purely lame – rat-push-button-get-electrical-stimulus stuff. It’s the evil detritus at the bottom of the blog waterpipe net.folk have been puffing on for the last couple of years. Give me one well-written rant, one single viewpoint that is informed from hard-won experience rather than obsessively reading thirdhand comments on secondhand reports from old-media talentless hacks. Or talented hacks. I don’t f–king discriminate.
Realizing, of course, that the sh-t I type here is read, if at all, by a few old friends, a few new, a few net aquaintances, a few google-nauts and a tiny handful of interested parties. It’s not like this semi-inebriated screed matters.
And that’s the point, innit? Shouting out the words, and hoping to find a few that will gather around your mental hearthfire, a few who are, if not entranced by your words, at least willing to listen. For me, it’s a digital analogue of my wanderings around the planet for the last 15 years, In Search of An Audience. f–k that for a bad joke, really.
In my geographic wanderings, I was in search of the perfect bar as much as anything else, and as I do tend to preach a bit when I’m in my cups, sometimes people would gather around for reasons that didn’t include pelting me with rocks and garbage. So is it now as it was then : I’m glad the folks that come back here regularly derive some pleasure from what I have to say, but the reality is I’m doing it more for me than I am for you. And lately I’m starting to feel a need to remember what the hell I was saying, and the technology is available to do it.
What I find it hard to understand is what the hell people are thinking who with little or no hint of what they actually think about the things they link to…
Of course, I don’t propose to claim these half-formed ideas as my own. This sort of deflationary thing has been said before, by others, and better. I’m in a mood at the moment, is all. This rant here just kind of popped out of the old mental cloaca as I was doing a beery weblog-tour this evening, and since I’m still logged into blogger, I figured I’d just start typing. This kind of contrarian bullsh-t probably ain’t gonna help my chances in this bloggies thing, and that’s precisely why I’m posting it.
Hello, I love you, vote for me and I’ll rip your heart out.
No, not really. But stranger things have happened.)
Thank you for your cooperation.
Please do not comment. It’ll burst my self-involved bubble. No, seriously.