It’s been a week since the bomb went off. It’s an artificial milestone, but I feel confident that Rick’s going to be OK, now. All the strength and love that is being sent his way has got to have helped.
No specific news about Rick this morning. There is this, though : “Indonesian police are closing in on a woman suspected of having detonated the car bomb which killed 181 people in two crowded Bali nightspots a week ago.”
Update : More information on the Red Cross and Worldvision appeals. The money received by both will go to Australian and Balinese victims. Rick, being Canadian, may well fall through the cracks, here.
It may be disturbing to view, but this is a gallery of pictures of evacuees arriving in Melbourne and the Alfred Hospital. He is not visible in any of the pics, that I can see, but Rick must have been among them.
Update 2 : via email from Roanna, Rick’s sister

Rick’s condition hasn’t changed as of today [..] He has maybe one more skin-graft surgery left and they should be finished and hopefully letting him come off of the sedation in the next couple of days

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  1. If anyone is in contact with Rick’s Mom, Audrey, please pass on that she’s in the thoughts and hearts of Dixie, Darcy, Sandi and Dave. We all wish Rick well very soon.

  2. Blogriffic stuff here. We really appreciate the details you’re managing to gather. An article I wrote about our friend Rick will be printed in the Vancouver Sun tommorow along with the trust fund information. We(Christelle and I) will be posting a one-sheet around town after I print it up at work tomorrow. Keep the good Rick vibes coming everyone.
    By the way, could I have Barry and Ol’s email addresses?

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