I said it a few days ago, and I’ll say it again : God bless Australia, and Australians. This from Jonathon via email this evening.

It has just been announced on the evening news that the Australian government will pay the medical expenses for non-Australian victims of the Bali bombing.

Please keep fighting, Rick. We’re with you.
[Edit : I should clarify that the government assistance for Rick’s medical bills and those of other non-Aussies will not pay all the bills, but at least it will ensure that they won’t be as enormous as they might otherwise be. Please don’t hesitate to send what you can spare to the trust account. It’s going to be a long road.]


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  1. Great news about our Government picking up the tab for medical bills. At least that is one battle Rick’s family will not have to fight. I am pulling for Rick and hope that his family are coping OK. I have tried to imagine what I would feel if this were one of my kids and I just can’t. It is simply beyond my comprehension.

  2. I haven’t been here in a while, but thanks to matt and the mefi front page…
    I’d like to add my voice to the many others who are offering support and positive thoughts for Rick’s speedy healing.
    What a senseless and fucked up world we live in…

  3. Everyone (and especially Chris), just got to say that i really admire all you’re doing here for Rick.
    Without this site, we’d be all be a lot more stressed, trying to get info/updates.
    Hang in there, Rick, we’re all pulling for you.
    James (brother-in-law to Bearman)

  4. I am sure Rick is in very good hands where he is. The doctors and nurses are very skilled, committed and caring and it is a huge credit to their professionalism that they are able to provide this level of support under such difficult circumstances. Dick shares my views on this and is incredibly appreciative of everything that is being done for Rick.
    Yesterday, Dick received a little bag of goodies and a card which had been left at the hospital by a well wisher. This person did not know Rick but wanted to offer support in any way they could including accomodation, use of a car etc. Again, Dick is overwhelmed by this sort of support.
    Australia will be Rick’s home for some time to come and he is just so lucky to be amongst such caring people.
    Thank you Australia.

  5. Skip and I visited Rick again this morning. Skip stayed longer as I had some work commitments. This is not good news.
    Rick had another bad night and his condition has worsened. He is fighting a serious infection. He is suffering some internal organ stress as a result of the infection and is now on dialysis to help his kidneys.
    Rick is going in for more surgery this afternoon on his left arm.

  6. Many prayers for Rick tonight – He is strong and well loved that will pull him through!
    Bearman’s sis, Shari

  7. Sending strength to Rick tonight from Vancouver!
    Come on Rick!

  8. I wrote a week ago on my site that no-one I knew was directly affected by the Bali bombing, but having followed Rick’s plight through yours, that already feels untrue. You’re doing a great job for his family and friends here, Chris – and for all of us strangers in weblogland who are hoping that Rick pulls through.

  9. I’m new to this web log business but am very impressed. Thanks to all who are behind this.
    Rick has a whole group of friends in Toronto who are
    thinking of him tonight.

  10. my heart goes out to the victoms and families of the bali bombing sad tragedy

  11. hello how are you my name is melissa i’d just like to say sorry to all the families in indonesia who lost loved ones i feel that people have forgotten that there were other people who died in the bombing 2 not just aussies..Also asking anyone who know how to find the victoms names, because i have many indonesian friends who i havent spoken to since the bombing….. take care + god bless **PEACE**

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