A door has opened today, just a crack, and it looks as if it might just be possible for me to go back to Australia sometime in the next year or so. Until I was chatting with my old friend/old boss earlier today and the discussion turned to the real possibility of me returning Oz-ward, I hadn’t realized how much I love and how much I achingly miss Sydney.
*crosses fingers*
What am I going to be able to bitch about if I leave Korea again, though?


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  1. We’ll be waiting for you cobber.
    And, don’t forget it’s your shout 😉

  2. Stavros, I think that’s great! I hope, really really hope, this works out for you.

  3. Thanks, folks. And Allan, you can depend on me to buy a few rounds if I get back there!

  4. Ah, even the possibility of going back is a sweet thing. I’ve just landed in blighty to what is laughingly called a summer. I’m wearing more warm clothes than I was in Sydney last week – where its the middle of winter – and am already missing the delights of the harbour city.
    What can you moan about if you leave Korea? The subjects are endless, try Australian immigration policy for starters …

  5. This is true. DIMA is not my friend.

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