Just a quick note, because you never know, do you?
I had a sudden onset headache yesterday of epic proportions, and of the kind that rarely but occasionally means (according to the Google Oracle) that you’ve blown a gasket in the old noggin, and that you’re leaking blood up there and going to keel over and go vegetative or die entirely in the next short while.
My lack of faith in doctors in general and doctors in Korea in particular (plus the fact that I just did my research, 24 hours later, here in the office) means I haven’t gone to get anything checked — they say you should get a CT scan right away. Yeah, well, sure, say I, ever the rugged optimist.
But it makes me a bit nervous.
So, whatever. If I go kablooie away from the keyboard (statistically unlikely, lately) in the next while, then I’d just like to make it clear that I love you all.
Well, most of you, anyway.
*crosses fingers*


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  1. Noted.
    And your wife: she’s happy with your response to the situation?

  2. Jesus Stavros, go to the bloody doctor would ya?
    If you die on me, I’m gonna be really shat.
    Don’t die, OK? Just fuckin’ don’t.

  3. Hey! You could like, you know, actually indicate that you are still alive and well, so as we can berate you rather than mourn you.

  4. I’m alive and relatively well, if tired and shagged-out after a long squawk day.
    From what I can glean if I got me a leaker, I’ve got something like 6 to 20 days before it all goes kaboom, or it might happen
    or it might never. Hell, I dunno.
    And my dear wife is, if anything, less inclined to get doctored up than I am. So we’ll see what the next few days bring.

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