Not much interested in weblogging per se at the moment – busy firing off resumes and such, and trying to work out the logistics of the next few months.
Australia is still the primary plan, and everything looks good for a triumphant return, but given that my last visa application with immigration there took 11 months to process, alternatives need to be considered in the interim.
Happily, I’ve already been offered a job at a government school here :


Well not that exact spot on Koh Samui precisely, but Surat Thani, which is the nearest city on the mainland to Koh Samui. About one hour and two dollars, and you’re there. Paradise.
And apparently the beer’s cheap too.


I’ve wanted to visit that part of the world since I knew it existed, and to be able to live and work there for a while would be, well, sweet.
The wife is firmly against it. The standard Korean mythology (not entirely inaccurate, given what I’ve heard about Korean husbands’ predilection for patronizing the sex trade) is that the primary reason one goes to Thailand is to indulge one’s need for commercial f–king. She’s also not big on sun and surf, and the pay would admittedly be minimal. I am lobbying fiercely.
We shall see how this one plays out. In my mind, I must admit, my bags are already packed. Unless something much much better presents itself, this seems like too good an opportunity to pass up.
Remember what I was saying last month? Life has a funny way of opening doors as other ones are closed, doesn’t it? I love my life, as hard as it may be sometimes.


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  1. Surat Thani itself is a bit ordinary compared to some Thai towns, but yeah, that’s one beautiful part of the world. As for the sex trade, it’s there if you go looking for it, same as anywhere, but I’d imagine if you were living and working in a non-tourist area like that you’d barely notice it.

  2. Your wife is probably justified in her concerns if she is basing them on Korean husbands. The first thing we get asked by most Koreans arriving here for study is where they can get laid (not put quite like that, but that is what they mean), closely followed by where the casino is.
    That place looks like paradise and I hope you can get there at least for a while. Don’t like your chances, though.

  3. BTW, you probably know that your site is playing up somewhat – the code below stays at the top of the screen when I load this page:
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    (Using Mozilla 1.3/Win XP)

  4. It is a well-documented fact of nature that Wonderchickens always land on their feet.

  5. japan is another country that korean wives don’t like. my wife told me she would divorce me if we ever had to move there. i can’t believe that korean women don’t understand that we western males can control our urges around all those nubile, young, thin, sexy, half naked, women.

  6. I pass by your blog sometimes,I went to korea(and i found korean language intersting) i think that’s why i’ve stopped here one day. I’ve just realised you were changing your horizon as i will(at the end of the month i’ll swithch my france for a california)the picture of your new place are gorgeous, i hope your words will remain

  7. Hope it works out for you to spend a little quality time there, but you’ll be fine in any event. I am a firm believer in Duemer’s Law.

  8. bloggin’ around

    I’m going to take a cue from Skippy – the coolest marsupial in California – and post a few links…

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