Steve and Alex have revealed their novels-in-progress, and I know some other friends and neighbours are girding their loins to do the same.
I’m just drunk enough at the moment to be tempted to open the kimono too on the humble beginnings of my thus-far-unrevealed (except to a few blogly amigos) semifictional tale of the vida loca del pollo magnifico, but it’d be deeply embarrassing if it sucked, so perhaps I’ll just wait a while on that….
I’m still trying to figure out if I stole the cheeseriffic title, which has been circulating in my brain since the early 90’s – The Night Smells Like A Dog – from the Beatles of Surrey, No Fun, or if they stole it from me.


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  1. Now we’ll all be able to gauge ourselves against each other and compete mercilessly! It’s a novel war!
    Oh, that’s not the point?
    My bad.

    I intended no harm…I’m a little humour-impaired at the moment it seems, so if I’m missing your point, I apologize, but : sorry if I came off sounding as if the writing is a competition or something, Steve. Such was not my intention.

  3. Oh, no! You didn’t sound that way at all, I was just making a joke… sounds like we’re both a bit off today. 🙂

  4. Personally, I hope that you do put your novel online Stav. Then I can read yours and Steve’s and the words will meld into my mind, and I’ll start turning estrogen into testosterone, as if the writing is some form of hormonal philopher’s stone, and I’ll start howling at the moon.
    Oh wait a sec — this isn’t about alpha males, is it? Sorry, wrong weblog.
    I think it’s great you’re both writing — more power to you. Both.

  5. Banned my IP, heh? You’d hate to have someone at your little party with a different opinion from your own… heaven forbid! Your probably in favor of restrictions and taxations on internet usage also.
    I like your site, Chick. It just reminds me of my own juvenile nature and tendencies. We are alot more similar than you probably would guess. Small town upbringing, travelled the world in search of dreams and life and whatever comes your way… and yeah, I like to indulge WAY too often.
    I don’t think putting lots of mind-altering substances in your body qualifies you for some kind of enlightenment. If that’s the case, the drooling street thug with too many track marks must be high on your list (no pun intended).
    Ease up, don’t take my comments so literal. At least I got your attention!!! (how ’bout those additional exclamations for added effect, eh?)

  6. Damn, you sneaked back in!
    Ah well, live and let live, eh? Just don’t crap on my carpet any more, alright?
    If I am juvenile, it is because I choose to be so. Either way, I don’t take kindly to insults (as you may have noticed).
    You did indeed get my attention!(!!!)(??)(,):-)

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