I’ve put off doing this for a long time. It makes me feel weird and a little ashamed. But when the going gets weird…ah well, you know the rest.
My good friend and kind host, who’s been providing a home for this site gratis for the last few years, isn’t going to be able to do so much longer. This wouldn’t be a problem if I could reasonably spare the bucks to pay for my hosting, but the sh-tty thing is: I can’t.


So I’ve finally taken the plunge and set up a paypal account tip jar, and if you’ve gotten any pleasure out of my ranting and babbling over the years, and you’d like to do the equivalent of buying me a couple of beers, as thanks or as fuel for more of the same, well, I’d be in your debt. I’ll use any dollars or euros or yen or shekels thrown my way to keep this site online, and if folks do kick in, I promise to try and write more frequently as a token of my appreciation.
I’m putting a button over in the left column as well. You have my heartfelt thanks if you decide to shoot me some coin, friends.
Edit: Nuh-uh. Long since deleted. If you want to help me out and get some hosting for yourself, go here.
In happier wonderchicken news, the contract for the upcoming book has arrived, and all systems look to be go, so if I end up rich and sexy and famous out of the deal†, the beers’ll be on me. It’s a promise.
[Update : †Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.
Also, I just realized I probably put up my little ‘help me, I’s monetarily disadvantaged!’ plea here at the worst possible time, as blogger wallets snap shut all over the web thanks to the MT 3.0 brouhaha (man, I love that word), making a sound like distant automatic weapons fire. So go give Rageboy some money, if you can only afford to help out one weblogger with a tip jar and a bad attitude this year. It sounds like he might need the help more than I do. And he’ll kick my ass if he doesn’t get his meds.]


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  1. Chris,
    I might have in a few weeks? months? a server just for me. Well, not really, but I’ll be A) the owner of the machine B) the CTO of the companyette running the thing; C) root; so when this thing is up you’re welcome to have your domain on that machine, if you so wish. I’ll let you know when this happens.

  2. Thanks, dda (twice over)! You’re in Seoul, right?

  3. Aye. For the moment…
    But the server (if and when), will most probably be somewhere else, although it won’t matter much, I think.

  4. Hi….nice journal…greeting from Singapore

  5. Stavros The Wonderchicken Courts his Patron

    Posted by Candidia Cruikshanks Stavros the Wonderchicken can’t afford the price of his blog or beer.

  6. I wish I could help with some actual money, but find myself a little financially embarrased at present. I will certainly tip something in as and when I can. It probably wouldn’t help, but if it would, I have some spare space on a server (maybe 200 MB) and a little bandwidth (maybe 300 MB/month) to spare that you would be welcome to.

  7. Gracias, dg, but thanks to the generosity of a couple of friends in unexpected places, I now have enough moola to keep this place going on the current hosting setup (with a reseller rather than the free ride I’ve been enjoying for the past couple of years) for the next few months (if I’m correct about the costs).
    Thank you, my benefactors!
    I’ll leave the icons up, I guess, and still accept any coins in the jar with heartfelt thanks, in hopes that I don’t have to stand hat in hand on the corner again for a goodly while.

  8. Not much cash on me these days, Stav, seeing as how I’m moving and all, but hope my measly Lincoln helps. Best of luck.

  9. Send me an email, I could always host you on my account. I’ve got 1gb of space.

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