You know that book I mentioned that I was writing a while ago? No? Ah well, bear with me.
So I started writing this book a couple of weeks ago. Figured I’d do the Nanomowrimomo thing, or whatever the f–k it’s called, and just barf out the story unadorned. The story that’s been percolating around in my head for about 7 years now, the mostly-true-with-the-names-changed-to-protect-the-innocent tale of booze, madness, sex, drugs, and rock and roll on the high seas that those of you who know me In Real Life have heard me reminisce about when well-watered.
It’s been a few years since I’d heard from or about any of the principles in the tale, and I’d pretty much given up hope of ever tracking any of them down, gilded-caged as I am here in Korea.
So who do I hear from yesterday after years of being ‘long-lost’? One of my best friends on the planet, the mad bastard who more than any other helped me transform myself from an overcautious wannabe into a two-fisted beery swashbuckler, the guy who plays the starring role in my Nautical Tales Most Edifying, my brother by dint of shared joy and grief, Craig ‘Pancho’ Oliver.
So the book’s back on the back burner, while life, happily, intercedes. But if I do finish the book, I hope and expect it will be richer and more rewarding for the reminiscences that me and my long lost amigo will be sharing over the next while.
Welcome back, mi hermano, even if you didn’t feel as if you were lost.


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  1. Hi – I was referred to you by Black Market Gold News. I am linking you to my blogosphere!
    You go great work for humanity!

  2. Mmmm, beer in the desert, the wind keeping you cool…
    I mentioned this elsewhere, but isn’t synchronicity just the strangest thing? And it seems to happen on a regular basis to some people. It often makes me wonder what forces are out there, controlling our every move…if you believe in that kind of stuff.

  3. Um, that’s probably a beach, isn’t it?
    “duh, desert, whatareya, stupid? It’s a beach. Beach! *walks away, shaking head, muttering to himself*

  4. What a tease, get us started on the book and then go off and have fun.
    Seriously, enjoy your reunion.

  5. hi, i have no clue whats going on, i stumbled across this site in one of my “search the net for anything intresting” fealings and have nothing else to do than leave this post

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