One of my old pieces, about sailing in Mexico, has been reproduced in its entirety, complete with images, here, I note through bloglines. There is a cursory link back to the original, which is just a sop, and not a very effective one, I reckon.
What the f–k?
On further investigation, this other site, which purports to be ‘frassle’s cache of a feed received from another site’ (ie, mine), is doing the same thing, which seems to me slightly less egregious, but still a bit dodgy.
A quick googling of the wonderchickeny phrase ‘living a life of madness and booze’ from the post also gives me this hit, with the extract text ‘Search results for Chicken boy man sex‘. Now that’s funny, I admit, but still annoys the living piss out of me. Upon inspecting the URL (, I’ve decided I’m not even going to go see what repurposing of my writing has been done there, at least until I get home from work.
I note that I do not have teh ghey, although, you know, there’s nothing wrong with that.
I’m not writing a damn thing lately, in case you hadn’t noticed, but I’m not keen on this method of new Wonderchicken™ Content© hitting the wires. Not keen at all.
It’s punchinnaface time, friends and neighbours! I got yer creative commons right here!
(Advisory to my text-hijackers: I do not use cc licenses on this site, but old-fashioned copyright, because I haven’t had the goddamn energy to educate myself properly about it yet. Perhaps this is my karmic retribution for downloading Family Guy episodes and such.)


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  1. damn. that is annoying. i guess in some way it’s a compliment, but screw compliments. is there anything you can do? a threatening email? a threatening email with a photo of a decapitated horse head attached? a good ol’ fashioned sock full of quarters? i don’t know.

  2. Or a horse head in a sock? 🙂

  3. One) It seems to me Mr W. Chicken that this CC thing needs to be put to the test. Not sure if you were aware of the shitstorm over BzzAgents and CC, but it seemed to point out one thing to me: the CC license is all Dick Tracy official PI license and xray goggles shit if there isn’t some sort of mechanism for retribution, revenge and hidings, so you don’t have it, big deal, yours is not a case to be tested anyway, so this comment is pointless.
    Three)I jumped all over the Dreamhost offer. I love it, notwithstanding shelley’s technoangst, which is like listening to someone complaining about the quality of the truffles in first class on KLM – I’m thumbin’ it here. Do the Dreamhost dudes know I picked up on their offer through you? I couldn’t tell.
    Let me know. I’ll email them and let them know – stuff a horse’s dick in a sock!
    Seven)How’s the old man?
    Two) I forget.
    Three) Where was I? In the garden weeding. Came in to check email and grab a Waupoos Premium Cider and a hour later I’m writing on others people’s blogs becasue I can’t be bothered wasting my own seemingly unlimited bandwidth – and enjoying a cold, clear, crisp, Waupoos Premium Cider. Nectar of all Upper Canadian Loyalist Hosers. Not that I am one, I just play one on the internets.
    Twelve) Family Guy is very funny. What you pick up from your kids, huh? You seen Trailer Park Boys yet?
    Four) Am I putting something off here?

  4. Well, I was going to comment, but lost the interest…goes I’ll take my technoangst and leave.

  5. Shelley is an angst-queen, Shelley is an angst-queen!
    *capers, calibanically*

  6. Also, in no particular order :
    three) I dunno — did you use my referrer ID thingamajig?
    two and four and three) I prescribe beer, in large and regular dosages. In fact, I think I might just self-medicate as a precaution, myself.
    seven) Recovering well, but they won’t know for sure until probably July what the longterm damage is gonna be.
    twelve) Yes, indeedy.

  7. I am not an angst queen. I am a technoangst, which makes me, at most, an angst princess.

  8. Shelley you are technoangel. I am glad there are people like you around – strike that: people like you to read, simply, glad you are here – serving up, or at least attempting to serve up for the technolouts amongst us – not to imply that Mr W Chicken here is of the club, of our ilk, though if he so chooses to include himself in the swineherd so be it, good stuff, welcome to the pen you old mudder – No! – serving up, or offering, or provding, a slight leavening. A tempering of the enthusiasms is always welcome, as, personally, I am always striving to learn more about this stuff – the tech aspects: the protocols, the pitfalls and limitations of the languages and platforms – and at all times, while in public, I am striving, striving always, to be precise and specific in my questions and recommmendations etc. with regard to all things web technical – and, so, I welcome any pushing and prodding toward a greater clarity and a deeper understanding of these disciplines.
    ‘Nuf said.
    Mr W. Chicken – what referrer thingme?

  9. The paragraph staring “All I ask…” here, bmo. No biggie, either way.

  10. Option two. Click through, awaiting cookie. “No biggie, either way.” But actually it is to them. They seem to be trying real hard to be human, and that deserves a little nod. You’ve done that, I’d like to continue the luv. They may not know. (Though, granted, if they’re paying attention, they should)

  11. The site about the dog, looks like spam/ad bait for sure, but frassle is the doing of shimon at rura dot org, he is a reasonable guy and could be perusaded to see reason without a horse’s head.
    Shelley is just the queen, that’s all there is to it.

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