Well, the sh-t has hit the fan, familially. SK got a call from her mother last night – her mother had tracked her down through Korea telecom, and let fly with pure fury due to (in order of fury-inducement potential) a) she’d not told her mother that she was back in the country yet (waiting for the right moment, kind of) b) she’d been ‘bending the truth’ about her singleness over the past few years and c) her man (that’d be me) wasn’t a Korean. I’ve been asking her for a long time now to tell them about us, but she always maintained it was best to wait. Her call, I figured. But some very evil and unpleasant things have been said. Regardless, we are standing firm.
It would seem that apparently her parents, despite the fact that they have never met me, are irate enough to put a bullet through my head. If I should suddenly fall silent here, you can be reasonably sure that they’ve hired a hitman.
I’m serious.
I’ll keep ya’ll updated.


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