My heartfelt and humble thanks to the folks that have kicked a few bucks (or a lot of bucks, in some surprising but very welcome cases!) into the hosting kitty over the past few days, by the way. I’ll leave the button up over on the left, I guess, should anyone else get the urge to help out.
As it stands, though, I have enough for a year or so of hosting now, I think. You people rock!
I promise to try to write more in future. Although given the post just to the south, there, for example, that may not actually be a Good Thing. Your call.


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  1. Glad you got what you needed, even if it is nowhere near what you deserve. A few of my bucks will be coming your way as soon as I can see my way clear.

  2. Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Your RSS feed doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have added it to bloglines, but it never updates.

  3. Hey, Blinger. Sorry I didn’t get back to you via email — been running around dealing with real life stuff, as well as trying make sure that the ‘bottle doesn’t go dark. Thanks for the offer in the other thread, regardless — much appreciated.
    As far as the feed goes, I dunno what to tell you. I subscribe to all my own feeds in Bloglines, too, and they all update just fine.
    Here are the URIs, in case you’re using something else somehow :
    Main site.
    Coasters. (sideblog)

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