The move to our new locale at the other end of the country is complete, I’m freshly back online with a 10Mb/s line (comped, along with a host of other fringe-benefits, hooray!), and I’m off to Japan again (Osaka rather than Fukuoka, and staying at the Nikko on the company dime this time, double hooray!) tomorrow to get my sparkly new work visa glued into the passport.
My email address is defunct, a little prematurely, so if you’ve tried to mail me within the last few days, it probably bounced. Send mail to anything your fervid mind can come up with at, and I should get it. Claim an wonderchicken email namespace thingo now†! Supplies are limited, offer void where prohibited by law.
Pics and tangentially-related blather, coming soon. Stay tuned to this bat-channel.

†You know, or not.


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  1. Hmm. I sent you a relatively short e-mail about three or four days ago using the e-mail in your Metafilter profile. I’d resend it, in case you didn’t get it, but Hotmail, devil that it is, doesn’t see fit to save outgoing e-mails unless I tell it to.

  2. Free 10MB/s Internet? Free flight to Japan? Damn, that sounds sa-weeet.
    Congrats on the new job, I hope it all works out for you.

  3. Glad to hear things are working out. By the way, what’s the upstream speed on your internet connection? I guess I’m not feeling envious enough already.

  4. 10 Mb/s? I would be delirious to have 10% of that speed at home. Going from 2 Mb/s at work to a dial-up that is lucky to reach 46 Kb/s at home is, well I guess you can imagine how it is… 10 Mb/s is not even within my imaginings.

  5. I feel your pain, dg. I remember how utterly crappy my DSL service was when I lived in Sydney. 4 months waiting for an install (which cost hundreds of dollars) after which it rarely worked (for $115 a month). Crap.
    Not sure what the upstream is yet, ShinyKnows. The tech guys didn’t speak English, and the only reason I know the downstream is some broken Konglish and handmotions before they skeedaddled.

  6. Still tuned to the bat channel and awaiting. Not complaining, just reminding you that you have fans.

  7. Sorry, amigo. I’ve been busier than a one-legged hooker in a Lithuanian cheese factory lately, and unaccountably happy, and that’s anti-conducive to writin’ the writin’ and stuff.
    I’ve got something brewing in my tiny brain though, and I’ll try and get it out through my fingers this weekend, I semi-promise.

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