I’ve got a new EB gadget for you that I’ve been compelled to whip up after literally thousands hundreds dozens not a single solitary request. Still, it’s something I’ve been planning to do for a while, even though I wanted to keep this design free of the crud-accretion that plagued the last one.
Way down the left-handside there, under the stack of coasters, is a box of past posts which I consider to be relatively Uncrappy. Highlights. You know. There’re some missing, but I’ve managed to hit a few high points going back as far as the end of 2001, so far. If you Daypopped in with the crowds or are otherwise new to my stuff, you may find some dusty relics in there somewhere that you like. The whole list can be found here, if you’ve got a few hours.
Can you feel the excitement? The electricity in the air? The whole axle-snapping, gear-grinding power of it? Can you hear the crowd going wild?


No? Me neither.
Ah well.
A warning in advance though, to be fair : the content to be found yonder in the archive includes a short description of Dick Cheney’s penis. But if that’s not a highlight, I dunno what is.


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  1. Ahh yes. Dick Cheney’s penis. Short subject, I imagine.

  2. Cool logo – Empty Glass is one my favorite albums (and one fo the most underappreciated rock albums out there).

  3. i hereby retract a claim i made a year ago that i could write anybody under the table (quantity wise). good god.
    this is wonderful, i am so happy to have found this blog. and it’s like you got it all organized just in time for me to visit. i’ve hit most of the uncrappy highlights and i am smitten. i’ll be finishing up in the archives… sometime later in the year, probably (i do have to eat). then i shall stalk you.

  4. Empty Bottle

    Not mine, his. Thanks to the Inkgirrl for this find. Though we’re all still waiting for kick-ass, booze-laden chili that you wish you could even begin to approach on bended knee for a tasty taste ‘cuz I’m that good chili recipe. Sgt Hook out….

  5. Yay! Another stalker!
    You may have difficulty if you don’t live in Korea, though, Anne, ’cause that’s where I am for the forseeable future…

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