I’d just like to say that even though I try to avoid being a ‘joiner’ and the whole deliberate-meme-propagation exercise tires me and (as those wacky kids are saying these days) chafes my scrote, I am entirely behind Rageboy‘s ‘f–knozzle‘ mission. The Register would rightly claim that RB is just doing some more self-promotion here, but even his blatant, throwaway self-promotion tends to be a hell of a lot of fun, so why not? At least he’s back in fine form.
I am all for crude and offensive neologisms. I myself have often blurted such double-take-inducing gems of negativity as f–ktacular, f–knuckle, f–keriffic and f–ksicle in my always-erudite spoken discourse (to which my erstwhile workmates at OmniHyperGlobalMegaNet.com will gladly attest), and I warmly encourage creative obscenity. If you lean towards the profane anyway, why not have some fun with it, huh?
Edit : Waaahahahahaha hee hoooooooooo *hic* heheh. It may be an old Regular Expression Cowboy geekjoke, but it’s a funny one, dammit.

Cry havoc and let slip the f–knozzles of war! comments.

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