Learn something every day : the number 420 is freighted with significance for dope smokers.
I’ve always been aware of pervasive networks of signals and signs, not conspiracies or the illuminati or anything of the kind, mind you, just a background hum of information being passed between people who know how to decode that information, on the streets and in the bars, everywhere. Communication indecipherable, silent, to those who don’t know of its existence. These things have always fascinated me, I think because I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with personas, talking to people from other tribes and taking on protective colouring that exploits those secret signs and passwords. When someone thinks you share at least some elements of the secret language of their tribe, they open up to you in a way they cannot do when you’re the outsider. It’s a way to learn more about people, and something I’ve always instinctively done.
This 420 stuff is an example of that context-hijacking dialogue that goes on constantly under the noses of the uninitiated. Fascinating stuff.

Thoughts That, If Not Deep, Are At Least Wide

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  1. And here I thought 420 was pretty well known. For a slightly more esoteric bent, try investigating the layers of mystery and mysticism surrounding 23 and the related 5.
    *buys you a virtual beer*

  2. 23 and it’s multiples are indeed fine, fraught-with portent numbers.
    Isn’t ‘5’ a discordian thing?

  3. 23 is too. Though pretty much anything can be a Discordian thing given enough free time on the part of us Discordians.

  4. The magazine for our campus radio station CiTR was called ‘The Discorder’. I used to write for it.
    Can I be a pope now, please?

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