Three random thoughts that ambled through the wonderchickensian mind this evening, ideas that to be honest I’m just too damn lazy to flesh out into real posts. Quality is therefore not assured.
1) How much do I hate that everytime someone mentions a goddamn book, they have to link to Amazon?† When did a glorified shopping mall become the primary maypole around which our discussion of books must dance? (I tried to like, but it gives me indigestion.)
2) 8 Mile = Quadrophenia strained through a Rocky Balboa cheesecloth.
3) Before radio and television, we are told, people entertained one another – told stories, sang, did little skits, whatever. Nearly a century of the glass teat and all that, electronic opiate of the masses, yadda yadda, passes. Us bloggy types are just returning to a long-lost tradition of making our own damn entertainment for each other, thank you very much, just amped-up, sped-up and woven from a spectrum of sources so kaleidoscopic as to blow the muttonchopped or maidenly minds of our forebears.
And, for a limited time only, a special bonus thought, free with every purchase : reading a Kerouac biography the last few days – ‘Subterranean Kerouac’ (and no, I’m not going to link to the thrice-cursed Amazon page for it) – I found myself wondering how those Beat types found any time to actually write when they were so busy sucking each other’s dicks all the damn time. Crikey.
† the answer, of course, is ‘one hell of a lot’.

Thoughts That, If Not Deep, Are At Least Wide

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  1. Linking to Amazon

    Ever noticed how people just automatically link to an Amazon entry when they are discussing a book online? Why has Amazon become the de facto standard authority on books? Chris just hates this and I’ve got to say that I’m not to fond of the practice, e…

  2. Instead of amazon, I’ll sometimes link to Glenn Fleishman’s very clever check it out!

  3. I’m only linking amazon because they’re paying me to do it. I’m an evil evil evil weblogger. 😉

  4. Is it okay to link to Powell’s? I like them because they’re independent and don’t pressure competitors with patent claims like some bookstores out there, but links there still get picked up by pb’s Book Watch, which I think is a neat tool.

  5. I’m with Stavros. I refuse to link to Amazon anymore, particularly with the wealth of publishing sites and reviews out there. And I fear the IMDB (also owned by Amazon) is turning out to be the same way.
    And there are alternatives. Powell’s anyone?

  6. I don’t have a weblog but when I’m at MetaFilter I go to the publisher or any informative review for a link to a book title. I sneer at Amazon links.

  7. Rings Attack Maypoles, the Road Explodes, Get me a Coke and a Grokkable Parti

    First, link love goes out to: Jenny of Bloggety Blog (she of the dead link to composting toilet world) for this lovely article! I am amazed, shocked, and very bashful. Also to logorrhea, as played by Jon “there seem to be no female oompa loompas” Wong….

  8. Are Stav/other people opposed to linking to a source for buying the book in general, or is it specifically a distaste for Amazon? Personally, I like a way to quickly add stuff to my wish list (plus Google’s always there for broader info).
    Still, a more canonical, IMDB-like source would be nice.
    OT: PostNuke’s “Books” module has a neat pref where you can enter affiliate numbers for numerous booksellers (AMZN and otherwise), then visitors can choose who they please for linky-love.

  9. Bah! Amazon has good content. When I don’t know about a book or an artist, I’ll often shoot past Amazon first as a convienient way of checking them out. I wish they didn’t use Real for their sound samples, but gernally following somebody’s book link to Amazon tells me what I’m looking to find out.

  10. Good for you, Will. The fact that I choose not to be co-opted should have no bearing on whether you wish to be or not.

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