Koan :
A monk asked Nansen : “Is there a teaching no master ever taught before?”
Nansen said : “Yes, there is.”
“What is it?” asked the monk.
Nansen replied : “It is not mind, it is not Buddha, it is not things.”
Mumon’s Commentary :
Old Nansen gave away his treasure words. He must have been greatly upset.
Mumon’s Poem :
Nansen was too kind and lost his treasure.
Truly, words have no power.
Even though the mountain becomes the sea,
Words cannot open another’s mind.

Thoughts That, If Not Deep, Are At Least Wide, Uncategorizable Crap

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  1. I’m reading a book right now with a population of AI, one of which speaks in Koans. They are definitely not readable when I’m at work. Very distracting in a viral sort of way, very much the center of my empty working head.

  2. eyeballkid, would that be Hyperion? If it is, I agree, what a wonderful book. I have to admit that the koan part kind of confused me, as does what I just read on stavros’s page.

  3. Yes, it is Hyperion. From what I understand, the purpose of the koan is to force the reader to empty their mind and find the connection in the warped logic. Or they are saying, “toke a bowl.” I’m not sure.

  4. Zen is the only religion I can at all imagine following with a straight face. Because it’s so funny. But I won’t cross my legs that way for anyone. If you need to stay still but awake, a bar stool is best.

  5. or you just paint eyeballs on your eyelids and no one knows your sleeping…

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