Now I know the Patriot Act (quite possibly to be extended indefinitely, is the word on the streets) is Bad, and the Bend Over And Feel Our Power Act (also known as Patriot II – The Second Coming) is Worse, but this, friends and neighbours, this is Insupportable.

In Fairfax, VA to be precise. The police there have decided that getting drunk in a bar is an arrestable offense worth enforcing. You don’t have to be starting trouble, getting in a fight, or climbing behind a wheel — the simple act of drinking in a bar gives them enough probable cause to harass and subject you to tests. And if you actually have the gall to have more than a couple beers while in that bar, you’re going to jail and getting fixed up with a nice criminal record.

Courtesy of the excellent Modern Drunkard Magazine.

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  1. Well! Now they have just gone too far! What kind of world is it when we can no longer get off our faces in peace and quiet?

  2. What is the point of a bar in which you cannot get drunk? Luckily, there’s huge money (corporate and tax) in bars, so I think these fuckfaces will be told to back down.
    Course, where I live we still drink and smoke and swear and leer and wobble in bars. Anything else is a restaurant.

  3. Disgusted and depressed

    Every morning I get up, and every evening when I get home, I pop open my newsreader to browse through the day’s news and headlines. And every time, I find more and more that disgusts me, outrages me, and quite simply, makes me want to go back to playin…

  4. Heh! Reasons _not_ to live in America, #3,482.
    Except I haven’t had a drink for a week.

  5. sadly, it’s all true. my ex-husband was there and apparently knows who it happened to. he was raging about this but i didn’t believe him! it’s all so surreal because fairfax, where i grew up, is the capital of let’s-all-get fucked-up-land. i’ve been let off to drive home after failing a pull-over test there! that was 15 years ago though.. i would be interested to see if this happens again. it could’ve been a personal thing, there’s a lot of long-standing grudges in that town.

  6. That is about the stupidest damned thing I ever heard. I mean, it’s a bar fer feck’s sakes.
    On the plus side, though, I didn’t realize drunkards (or at least modern ones) had their own magazine now. Bully for drunkards! Huzzah!

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