I forgot completely that I’d gotten drunk one evening recently (in an almost complete turnaround from my customary behaviour on an August evening, I assure you) and signed the old ‘bottle up for Bloghot or Not.
But I saw the URL in my recent referrers doodad over there on the left no, no the other left, went to check it out, and holy crap on a delicious triscuit cracker, I’m rating pretty darn high!


So it’s official. The A-List can bite me†.
[I realize that I haven’t written a long rambling craptacular post on anything in quite a while, and that you kind, intelligent, and slightly demented Wonderchicken Irregulars out there are pining, no clamoring for more dammit more!, but, well, I’m trying to write a book. Really fast. (which makes this recent and excellent MeFi thread all the more amusing ) And it’s (in the amusingly outdated vernacular of the recent bubblelicious fin de siecle) ‘occupying mindshare’ for me at the moment. I apologize profusely, but bear with me, I beg of you.
† I don’t take this hotornot stuff seriously, duh, but them Listers Who Are A really can bite me. Take a big ol’ bite of my bum, right here. *points*
Edit : I realize also that this sort of self-referential wankorama could be perceived as distasteful and beneath the elevated station to which I have winched myself, but I just don’t care. Comedy? Comedy gold.

Booze Glorious Booze

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  1. Hey Mr.wonderchicken …
    Love the site. Slick design bro. Entertaining posts. That 9.5 is well deserved … keep up the good work.
    Yr fellow canuck,

  2. Goodonya Stavros, I’ll be looking forward to the book. (I want a signed first edition!)

  3. Goodonya Stavros, I’ll be looking forward to the book. (I want a signed first edition!)

  4. How the fuck did that happen?

  5. If Senn gets two copies, can I have two as well?

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