I offer these Canadian facts as accompaniment to the post about America earlier :

Canadians are more likely to than any other nationality to eat roadkill. In fact, Canadians refer to dead raccoons found on the highway as “Toronto Bologna.”
(Source: McMillan’s Culture Guide 1999-2000)
Canadians lead the world in per capita binge drinking. The average Canadian drinks an average of 16 beers on an average day. Seven of them are normally consumed while on the job.
(Source: Wild World Of Booze Facts)
Canada is the world’s largest supplier of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and back bacon.
(Source: Gene Raphael’s Big Book Of Canucks)
Canadians are more likely than any other nationality to spit in public, especially on the windshields of other people’s cars.
(Source: New York Times – June 15th, 1998)
If you try to order a quarter-pounder in a Canadian McDonald’s, you won’t get a quarter-pound hamburger. You see, Canadians use the metric system for units of measurement. If you ask a Canadian for a “quarter-pounder,” he will kick you in the knee and take your wallet and any jewelry you are wearing.
(Source: America West Airlines travel guide)

These shocking facts and more can be found here. Once again, I leave my gentle readers to draw their own conclusions about this hateful, evil nation and its unpleasant denizens, with their incessant foul language and their flip-top heads. [via boingboing]

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  1. http://www.standonguard.com/index2.html
    I offer that for interest only, I am not Canadian.

  2. StandOnGuard is also very amusing indeed, in a bizarro-world kind of way. Thanks, Michael!
    No way we Canucks are gonna take over the world if we keep smoking those roadside weeds, though…

  3. Personally, Canada is on my good side forever. Why, you ask?
    One word: Rush.

  4. The site is a joke. Glad to see you are taking it as such. I have received some pathetic emails from people who took it seriously.

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