I am feeling gigantically bummed today, left out of all the fun with CD swaps and MeFi/MonkeyMeets and such. What the f–k am I doing here in Korea, living my entire social life through a keyboard? Sometimes I just don’t know.
Somebody want to give me a job sweeping floors or something, somewhere other than here? This place is starting to get to me…

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  1. Come on, Stav. They have a postal service in Korea, don’t they? Just join in the fun. As for socializing via your keyboard (which we’re all doing, just like you, you big lug!) and meeting up with a few fellow Metafilterians once in a blue moon; I’d say keyboarding wins every time. 😉
    Cheer up, man! Have a drink and join in the swappage!

  2. At least you have an excuse, brotha man. And, today is global stavrosthewonderchicken day, as far as I am concerned.

  3. you know, you could send me a cd if you’re feeling too left out. really, i wouldn’t mind.

  4. stavros, I feel for you. But consider you accomplishments: people on several continents love you, aliens respect you, barn animals the world over want you to carry their banner–all because of your deft use of the keyboard and carriage return. I think that we’d all be so overwhelmed by your god-like presence that you’d be disappointed in us. No, it’s better and safer for everyone concerned that you stay in Korea.
    But, if you should ever get to London Ontario (lord forbid), I have a spare bedroom complete with computer and stereo.

  5. Send me an address and I’ll send you an illegal mix cd. Hey, I’m even sending one to b****fire, and I like you, so…why not?

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