I watch a lot of video on my PC living here in KoreaLand, in large part because I have a grand total of two television channels in English : the (US) Armed Forces Korea Network (see my previous post for a hint of why I don’t tend to spend a lot time watching that) and BBC World, which is groovy, but the same news at 30 minute intervals can get a little tired after a while.
I could spend more time watching the Korean-language channel whose programming consists almost entirely of televised Starcraft matches (no, I’m not kidding – dear god I wish I were), but there’s a fairly good chance that if I did that, I would end up snorting drain cleaner. Last time I did that, I regretted it.
I’m always on the search for new and better-than-WiMP video players. WinAmp 3 has looked promising, but it’s got way too few options for tweaking playback at this stage, anyway.
I found this today, and it is hands-down the best video player I’ve ever found, particularly if, like me, you’ve got a 4 year old PC that chokes when it tries to load up WiMP. An incredible array of both video and audio tweaking options, and it’s lightweight too. Highly recommended. And it’s written by a Korean guy, which is kinda cool.

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  1. Oh please, you actually can’t believe this nonsense about America being a terrorist nation. This is just more anti-capitalist nonsense. Thank God that you live in a country that has a degree of freedom. No nation is completely innocent, but compared to totalitarian nations such as North Korea, you would have to be an idiot to call America terrorist.

  2. Hyuck. Ah guess I’s an idjit, thay-en.
    Anti-capitalist? Pfah. Nice strawman, there, Rich. I won’t even address that silliness.
    America is, without the slightest glimmer of a doubt in my mind, the primary terrorist nation on this planet. It has sponsored, trained, supplied and bankrolled terrorist groups all over the world, for decades. As mentioned in the piece (which I quoted in my previous post, not this one, which is where these comments should be, but c’est la vie) to which I linked, it is the only nation that has ever been convicted as such by an international court.
    It harbors killers and murderers.
    It kills civilians in undeclared wars.
    It is the single biggest arms dealer on the planet, often selling weapons to opposing sides in the same conflicts.
    Americans are, by and large, pretty good folks. But your nation is a sinkhole of evil, and is tottering on its last legs. When it finally topples, I can but hope it doesn’t bring the rest of us down with it.
    No nation is completely innocent, sure, but America is considerably less innocent than others, and wildly less innocent than blinkered patriots like yourself are indoctrinated into believing.
    But then, I’m just an idiot.

  3. interesting site if one got 25 years to digest it all..guess I’ll
    just stay in the barn with the animals – you know milk the cows,
    feed the sheep, brush my mare. slop the sows, and gather the eggs if you know what I mean….then go to work and try to balance the “books”. bob ..mooooooo,baaaa, wheee, oink-oink, and cock a doodle doo.

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